About Us


Hi, I'm Kris. Growing flowers, for me, is a practice of patience, care, and love.

I've worked in the horticulture industry for my entire adulthood. Starting as a Gardener, then a Grower, a Buyer, a TV & Radio Garden Expert, a Columnist... I've worked in nearly every facet of the garden industry. In 2017, I started growing cut flowers as a passion project and it became clear right away that this is where my skills and my heart align perfectly.

Kris Grows Plants is a place where I can share the joy that flowers bring to me with my community in Kawartha Lakes. All of the flowers I sell are grown using organic gardening practices in the backyard of our home in Lindsay, Ontario, with the help and support of my partner Sam, and our kids. It's a project that helps all of us to learn and grow, and to appreciate the beauty in every day.

Thanks for caring about locally grown flowers!

x Kris