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The Signature Nunc Bunch

The Signature Nunc Bunch

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Ranunculus are perhaps the most coveted blooms that we grow here at Kris Grows Plants, with their stunning, cupped blooms full of luscious petals. In this Signature Bunch, enjoy the romance of Ranunculus combined with the fragrant flowers of Sweet William and fresh mint, along with accompanying greens. 

As well as being incredibly gorgeous, Ranunculus and Sweet William are both also remarkably long-lasting fresh flowers. Expect a vase life of 10 days from this bouquet, or even a bit longer with regular water changes. 

Just like all of the products offered at Kris Grows Plants, every stem of this Signature bunch is lovingly grown and harvested from our suburban flower farm in Lindsay, ON. Our gardens are maintained without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, so you can rest assured that your flowers are feel-good and fresh. 'Nunc season is fleeting... these blooms are expected to be available for only the next week or so, so don't miss out on these remarkable Spring flowers!

Care Instructions

To keep your bouquet fresh for longer, change vase water daily and trim stem ends as needed. Remove spent blooms as they fade. Most fresh cut flowers last for 5-10 days.

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We Grow It All!

Every stem sold at Kris Grows Plants is grown in our little backyard flower farm. Thanks for loving and supporting locally-grown flowers!